Area Rug Cleaning

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No job is too big or too delicate for Koshgarian!

We clean it all from handmade orientals to dorm-size area rugs.

Your fine area rugs collect just as much dirt and grime as your regular carpeting. But many of us are afraid to give them a regular vacuuming – after all, these are very expensive and often quite fragile pieces. Trust Koshgarian Rug Cleaners, Inc. to handle this important job! Our specialists will bring your treasures back to life with a thorough, but delicate, cleaning.

We are one of Chicago’s oldest and most experienced area rug cleaners. In fact, we opened our Hinsdale rug cleaning plant 50 years ago solely to clean loose rugs. Since then, we’ve perfected our process and modernized our facilities so we now run the only state-of-the-art, area rug cleaning service in the Western Chicago suburbs.

We are experienced in carefully handling and preserving the most delicate and expensive rugs. From Persian to Grandma’s handmade rag rug, our plant can handle any size rug or material. Our family- owned, customer-focused facility means you’ll get your rugs back as quickly as possible. With our convenient Hinsdale location, you can save a little money by dropping the rug off yourself. We’re also happy to pick up and return your rugs to your home or office.


Give Koshgarian a call before you replace your area rug. We’ll be able to get your favorite piece back in shape and looking fantastic.

Some of the fabrics and fibers that we can provide rug cleaning for include:

  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Sisal
  • Jute
  • Hemp
Specialty rugs that we can clean include:

  • Afghani Rugs
  • Armenian Rugs
  • Iranian Rugs
  • Indian Rugs
  • Pakistani Rugs
  • Turkish Rugs
  • Chinese Rugs
  • Tibetan Rugs

Do you have a damaged oriental or worn out fine area rug? We have the ability to repair and restore most any fine area or oriental rug that you may own.

Is your favorite area rug fraying or showing signs of wear? Do you have an antique rug that needs some restoration to look its best? Let the Koshgarian area rug repair experts fix it for you. We are one of the few companies in Chicago with the expertise to repair even the finest antique or oriental rug. Let our specialists take a look – we can restore your fine area rug to a like-new condition. Best of all, you’ll get to keep your favorite piece and it will cost a lot less than buying a whole new rug.

Our specialists will give your area rugs the tender, loving care they deserve. Choose from our wide range of area rug repair services:

– Refringing, binding, or serging, either by hand or by machine

– Repairing of missing or worn areas either by rebuilding or patching

– Altering rugs to your specification

– Replacing backing

– Blocking, sizing, and latex backing of rugs

New Padding for Area Rugs

Over time, the padding on your area rug wears down. Especially in high traffic areas, this can cause the rug to slip and slide every time someone walks on it. This slippage can lead to falls and cause the rug to scratch your flooring underneath. Too-thin padding also increases friction against the fibers of the rug, causing them to break them down quickly and eventually creating worn-out patches in the rug’s surface. Let Koshgarian quickly and inexpensively solve this problem! We’ll expertly cut the padding to fit your rugs, whether you bring your rugs to our plant or we pick them up from your home.

New rug padding is a great way to extend the life of your area rugs. Trust the Koshgarian experts to do it right!

Our Rug Cleaning Process

Color Restoration

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